bonum fabula frat

### email-to-sacha-chua *originally posted:* jun 2021 this email has already been sent, any replies will NOT be posted publicly. only this outgoing email (which i am the author of) will be published. the article in question is a response to this graphic: at the time, i found it somewhat unbearable that the fsf was being cute. this wasnt sachas fault. she even commented (publicly) on the article itself, and the reply was as kind and friendly as the graphic itself. (i already sent the following email prior to reading that comment for the first time since 2020). even though i didnt blame her for the things that happened in the fsf at the first place (and at least stallman has returned since that time, which was nearly if not the single worst thing to have happened in its history) a year later i feel like-- aww, i really didnt have to do that. so i sent the following email as a sort of sheepish half-apology, mostly just a statement of regret. its not so much that i feel i was "too hard" on the graphic. more like, i really didnt need to give it a hard time at all. sure, i stand by the points and consider them valid. did they NEED to be said, at that time, ABOUT the graphic, in THAT context? hmmmmm... maybe not. either way though, i wanted to express the regret and wish her further happiness. it wont be a huge surprise if she is understanding, shes honestly one of the nicest free software advocates ive ever talked to. Hi Sacha. About a year ago, I wrote an article about your Love FS graphic. Wait, this isn't a critique. I've been working on a lot of research and while I was doing that, I ran across the article online again. I felt sad about it, and I wanted to say something nice. Above all, I'm glad that you have fun using free software. For various reasons, that article focused on a number of negative things, but I migrated fully to GNU/Linux in 2007 and used it until about a month after I wrote that article (I use OpenBSD now). I'm glad free software still makes you say "Whee!" I still have fun with it sometimes. And, the Lego similarity is extremely important to me. Keeping free software Lego-like is a mission I am still very much on. So is a fully-free (as in FSF FSDG compliant) version of BSD. But that's not what I'm emailing about. 2019 was IMO, a very bad year for us. I responded to your graphic in 2020. It's 2021, and even though I still have plenty of negative things to say about free software (none of which are due to wanting free software to fail) I would hate for you to think that the curmudgeon that wrote that article about your graphic resents you having fun with software. I didn't then, and my critique was well-intentioned, but I wish I hadn't taken the time to single out that graphic, really. My displeasure was really with the FSF, and your graphic was an innocent bystander. It's not that I didn't mean the points I made-- only that they had nothing to do with you personally, and that's why I wish I hadn't written my critique. Before this email gets longer, all the best, and I really do hope you continue to enjoy Free Software. =>