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### there-goes-a-valuable-source other articles: => the-delusion-of-a-gnu-linux-community.html the-delusion-of-a-gnu-linux-community *originally posted:* jun 2021 id watched ron make things up about systemd and stallman more than once (at the very least, in january and may) and finally decided to email stallman and check for myself. it wasnt intended as a campaign, i didnt know that ron would quote two more things that sounded like bullshit. i decided to check those two. but if you ask about misquotes often enough, sooner or later the person youre asking will become curious. so i anticipated that sooner or later, stallman would ask for a link to the article quoting him. thats a problem, as ron has been lying to him for years. its sort of "game over" for asking stallman to verify these things, because i know he will trust rons bullshit more than me being honest. thats how it goes with manipulative people sometimes. you just cut your losses when theres nothing else to do. stallman is never going to know what a liar ron is. but i put my cards on the table anyway, because thats what i do. sure, it probably wont ever help, but neither will anything else. even if i pretended to be somebody else, stallman will probably hesitate to answer questions about misquotes from anybody in the future. which means ron can now stretch the truth even further, or fabricate positions more often. for what its worth, this was going to be the last "check" i did for quite some time. alas, three was all i got. chances this will sour stallman on ron? less than 1 in 100. note if you will, that i didnt name the author or link to the article when i asked about these. i wasnt trying to sour stallman on ron at all. i was trying to expose ron speaking for stallman to people who read this website. i was still right about systemd (it would be great if i wasnt-- id LOVE for stallman to see systemd for the problem it is). ron just totally made that up. but there goes my chance to expose more such lies. i can still point out facts and contradictions, so its not like this website loses its reason to be here. being able to get confirmation from stallman directly was just icing on the cake. but i did enjoy that part, and i will miss it. stallman on the words about the fsf moving to libera: > I did say those words, more or less. Can you show me the article where I was quoted? me: > Sure, I can do that. It's in the 3rd paragraph starting with " We recently used Gemini to take control of hosting and we’re self-hosting IRC for better privacy. As shown in the video, Richard Stallman has just responded to yesterday's open letter "... The reason that I'm fact checking these quotes is that this is the same person telling people you see systemd as a problem. (I see it as a problem, he pretends you do too). He pretends I just wrote "some articles" (over 100 of them and I did more than that) and he personally lied to you about me, which angered me more than anything because you're a personal hero. Alexandre Oliva personally apologised to me, as it was his actions that led to [Ron] "throwing me under the bus" as Alexandre and I put it. That's why I check these quotes, because I think he takes things you've said out of context to look like an endorsement. Link here: He also insinuates that you understand that Rust's instability is a *strategic* problem for free software, (I think it is a strategic problem) just because you answered a question about instability with "there could be a stable version or fork". A half-truth, I think. He uses these insinuations to get people to believe that you agree with him on issues, and that makes his website seem more important. I think he misleads people-- and he manipulates contributors like myself and then smears them later. He didn't start his public smear campaign until I left and stopped writing for him. Don't let him speak for you. He (still) speaks *for me* too, citing studies I did as "WE counted [projects]" and then uses that imaginary participating to refute/dispute the findings-- pretending they point to the opposite. Insinuations about systemd: (his own logs) schestowitz__ MinceR: RMS knows about systemDemahog issues May 11 03:57 schestowitz__ but he doesn't need to walk into another war right now May 11 03:57 MinceR does he need to walk into another war when that war is already lost? :> May 11 03:59 same earlier this year: MinceR he would have started a campaign against systemd if he did Jan 08 16:04 schestowitz he knows those issues, MinceR Jan 08 16:04 what stallman ACTUALLY says about systemd: > I do not have a preferred GNU/Linux distro. I recommend all the ethical distros — namely, those that are 100% free software. I've chosen not to have any preferences among those ethical distros. In fact, I am not in a position to judge them on other criteria: even to try them all would be a lot work of that I have no need to do. =>